Flat Screen TV

The flat screen TV is on the cutting edge of technology. Due to their compact, space saving size and highly advanced picture quality, they easily have the capability of dominating the TV electronics market over the next few years. Just look in the window of any electronics store, the flat screen TV will be in the spotlight. Used to highlight video game demonstrations and to advertise the latest blockbuster videos, the flat screen TV revolution is here to stay.

There are many advantages for the consumer looking to buy a flat screen TV. A tremendous advantage is size. Measuring at a mere four inches is width, the flat screen TV can easily be picked up and carried by one person between the arms like a fence post.

Another great advantage is selection. The Flat screen TV market selection is steadily growing, as manufactures attempt to keep up with the increasing demands of the millions of consumers. The current choices of available flat screen TV models are overwhelming. Sizes range from handheld up to 84”. Most flat screen TV models fall in the 20-42” range with the most common household sizes being 26” 32” and 42”. Plasma televisions begin at 42”. So it’s safe to assume that all models smaller than 42” are LCD.

It is amazing how thin a flat screen TV actually is, especially considering what was being sold a decade ago. These days are totally different. Now, anyone can own a flat screen TV no thicker than a bottle of soda. People can hang their TV on a wall like a Picasso, put it on a mantle or take easily carry it from room to room with very little effort.

The flat screen TV is great purchase for people who want to combine TV with their PC because these models are specifically designed to provide computer interactivity while doubling as a television. This is a great way to take advantage of the high quality resolution on your computer monitors. However, I do not recommend using a plasma television or LCD TV as a computer monitor or video game display unit because of burn-in possibilities.

Plasma flat screen TV is arguably the best picture outside of direct view televisions. High definition content displayed on plasma is extraordinary. LCD TV are not far behind in terms of displaying high-end content, but some flat panel LCD televisions struggle in their ability to display cable and satellite programming.

Picture life of a plasma flat screen TV is at least 30,000 hours up to 60,000 hours. There are no lamps to replace, which is a huge long-term advantage over rear projection models. To maximize the output from your LCD, you just need to get the best iptv in Canada. After this, you are all set to go.