Spring House Cleaning Checklist

Spring is usually a wonderful season with the flowers blooming and the trees flowering and the birds are chirping. This is the season associated with vacations and having fun. This is however not the reality for everyone. For some, spring signals the time when thorough cleaning of the house is undertaken. For those with little furniture, it is not such a big deal but if you love shopping for house furnishings, then this is the season you dread most. To make spring cleaning fun and easy, you will need to have a house cleaning checklist.

There are many easy ways to clean your house without leaving out any important corners or furnishings. Foremost in your mind, you should have the outlay of all the rooms you intend to clean, the cleaning materials you have and those you will need. If you find this too much work, you can still hire a cleaning company to come and clean the house and give yourself time to relax.

If you are moving out you can check end of tenancy cleaning prices to help you assist with your cleaning adventures. Whichever option you choose, you will need a house cleaning checklist. This list will make the cleaning take place for a shorter time and it will make sure nothing is left out or forgotten.

Tips for making a house cleaning checklist

Tip 1: if you are making a house cleaning checklist, you will have to go through your whole house and take note of the areas that have not been cleaned in a long time. Behind furniture, furnishings and corners are the most easily forgotten areas.

Tip 2: you will then have to decide whether you want to hire a cleaning company or if you want to clean the house yourself. There are many cleaning companies that you can use that are affordable; you should look at the pricing of their services before getting into a contract with any of them. You can rely on the word of acquaintances or friends as long as they offer the services you want and have a good reputation.

Tip 3: a house cleaning checklist should include vacuuming all upholstery, rugs, carpets because they accumulate a lot of dust because they are often in contact with shoes and should be given top priority when cleaning.


Tip 4: do not forget to include all ceramic material in the house cleaning checklist such as the bathroom sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, and ceramic tiles. These may have accumulated stubborn scum that can only be removed by stripping using professional equipment.


Tip 5: the house cleaning checklist should include houseplants. These plants liven up your home and deserve some good cleaning occasionally. You can wipe the leaves of the plants to remove dust or add some manure to make them grow and healthy.


There are many ways of making house cleaning fun and fast. You could use some books on how to clean faster. To make your house have a unique finishing, you could repaint the walls to another company to change the look. The house cleaning checklist will ensure that everything is covered and you do not have to redo an item you forgot even if you are cleaning at the end of tenancy. It is important that you clean the house when it is springtime because heat levels are not too high.